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A fresh new brand for a modern charity and a dynamic marketing strategy, that landed the new look with a splash.

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About Regenerage.

Regenerage, an award-winning elderly care charity, has spent over 40 years championing the well-being of elderly people by combating loneliness and promoting healthy aging. Their diverse services cater to older people and their families, benefiting the entire community through services such as dementia care, to charity shops.

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The Challenge.

Regenerage approached us to lead on their rebrand, moving away from their old brand, Age Concern Central Lancashire. They tasked us with developing a dynamic new look and a thorough marketing strategy to accompany.

Their objective was to breathe new life into their brand, in order to present itself as a modern, agile organisation, and differentiate from competitors like Age UK. Ultimately Regenerage wanted their look to create opportunities for growth, accompanied by a proactive strategy to announce the rebrand, through digital, event, and PR marketing. 

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Our Solution.

1. Workshops and discovery

We began with a comprehensive exploration of their brand identity through three intensive workshops exploring Regenerage’s brand, audience, services, goals and metrics. These personalised sessions, explored the ethos, aspirations, USP and objectives for the brand and its launch. From this a holistic marketing strategy was produced, with input from their PR partners, that encompassed the core of brand and what they were trying to achieve. Key messaging was developed that could also be used across the organisation, and support internal staff to answer potential questions.

2. A new brand 

A dynamic new brand and asset suite for Regenerage was made, beginning with keywords that were important to the brand. The three most important of these were “Empowering”, “Agile”, and “Caring” which would serve as core ideas when working on the visual identity. To represent these, an arrow motif was developed, which shows the forward movement of the brand. This arrow could then form various shapes, the primary being the heart logo mark, showing the caring side of the brand. For brand colours, a palette was chosen that reflects the previous branding to show the history and connection to the previous iteration, but refreshed with brighter colours, more vibrancy and accessibility in mind.

3. A marketing launch strategy & social plan

Following this, we assisted on the launch marketing delivery through a dynamic social media plan. We conceptualised social posts designed to not only drive engagement but also to ensure clarity in communicating the rebrand's message. Leveraging the launch of a new super-store for Regenerage, the plan’s goal was to reach a diverse range of target audiences, from their existing service users to donors who visit their shops. 

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4. On-day launch support

On the day of the launch, we assumed responsibility for managing all the charity’s social media channels, ensuring timely and personalised responses to community interactions. This proactive approach helped maintain momentum and fostered a sense of connection between Regenerage and their online audience.

5. Wider marketing content & design

We also delivered additional aspects in our strategy, such as a user-friendly website landing page that effectively communicated the new narrative, taking proactive measures to anticipate and address any concerns through FAQs. Our goal here was to equip visitors with a thorough understanding of the rebrand, to promote transparency and clarity in communication.

Via an article featured in a 50+ magazine, we shared authentic volunteer stories that underscored charity's authenticity, relevance and positive community impact. We also leveraged traditional marketing channels by designing assets such as eye-catching healthcare posters. Additional assets for set audiences were created such as launch packs for healthcare and local authorities, that outline the change in a digestible format and clear instructions on how to support Regenerage’s transition through their line of work.

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The Results.

From discovery through to delivery, our approach blended strategic insight with creative execution, resulting in a successful rebranding of Regenerage that resonated with both the client and their audiences.

The rebranding yielded striking results, significantly enhancing the charity’s digital presence and community engagement. The first week of the launch, social engagement skyrocketed by 718%, with an increase of 17.1% in audience size on Facebook and 82.2% on Instagram.

Three weeks beyond the launch, Regenerage sustained a 127% increase in social engagement under our management. With an average engagement rate on Facebook of 13.2%, 3.5% on Instagram and 27.7% on LinkedIn. Combined with an increase in impressions of over 1,600%, awareness of the brand has grown enormously.

This comprehensive rebrand met Regenerage’s short term goals, but has also paved the way for future projects and ongoing collaboration, promising continued growth and innovation in serving the elderly community.

Reading Room delivered a seamless rebranding for our charity, crafting a unique name and modern visual style that truly captures our mission and values. Their social media management significantly extended our reach and their communications strategy will be a legacy document we will rely on for years. We would highly recommend!

Suzanne Carr CEO, Regenerage

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