About Hill

Hill provides quality and sustainable homes across London, Cambridge, and the South East of England.

This family-owned and operated company has a diverse portfolio, delivering both private homes and affordable housing.



Hill’s current platform wasn’t meeting its ambitions to deliver a simple and effective direct to consumer home buying experience via its website.

They also needed a platform to deliver quality and engaging content and promote its new brand and identity effectively. We were challenged to identify the main issues with their current web estate that might prevent them from meeting their objectives, along with opportunities to improve user experience, which we did during a Discovery Phase.

Hill Group.


Our specialists conducted user research along with a technical discovery with key stakeholders and the wider team.

During workshops, Hill shared their understanding of where they wanted to go, and what they’d like to emphasise in terms of their key differentiators. Building on previous research, we then identified further challenges and opportunities using a combination of brand research, Google Analytics data, user surveys, and behavioural analytics tracking.

One of the main challenges we identified was that users weren’t finding the right type of content on The Hill Group website, and we noticed there was a much smaller number of users looking at developments than we’d expected. The Hill Group was reliant on many external sites, so we determined their own traffic was being fragmented by these development-focused microsites. In addition, their brand was being diluted as users weren’t associating these high-profile developments with The Hill Group itself.

Users were unsure who the home builder of the site was and unclear about the contractual arrangements of aftercare and service; they were confused by the overall offering and what made The Hill Group’s homes distinct from those of competitors.

This lack of clarity was hindering sales leads and created an inconsistency in how the brand was perceived.


Using data and feedback from users, we were able to translate this information to the changes that needed to be made.

This meant we could begin mapping the user journeys and create a hypothesis map of how we wanted users to experience Hill as a brand, that would be centred around the main website. This meant consolidating microsites into the main platform and considering how we communicate partner relationships in the new platform’s branding.

In addition, we saw an opportunity for Hill to support users through the homebuying process by creating a members’ login area. A member's area would allow users to manage information on viewings, have access to important information such as brochures, and provide support for the onward purchase journey. Not only would this help provide a better experience overall for users, but it would also help Hill stand out beyond its competitors.


Continuing our partnership

Following our discovery work with Hill, we have been commissioned to start the design and development of their new web estate, plus the onboarding and maintenance of their current websites.

Work has now commenced on the design and development of Hill’s web estate. We have already transitioned the required platforms and data from Hill's incumbent agency and began optimising and correcting issues within these platforms, as well as implementing new functionality.

From the outset, this project has benefited from a strong working relationship with their team. We are excited to continue collaborating on both existing and future projects.

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